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Hiring Myrtle Beach Search Engine Optimization Consultant

As our agency grows, we are beginning to seek more professionals to help us deliver services to our customers. Our team is searching for SEO consultants with knowledge and experience. We are currently only searching for applicants in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. To learn more about our search engine optimization process and joining our team, continue reading below.

Visit our page: to inquire about our entire process laid out for our potential clients. The experience required for this position involves on page and off page SEO skills. To expand on this you will need to possess the following:

Applicant Marketing Skills

HTML Proficiency
Understanding of search engines and how they work
Backlinking techniques
Best practices of on page SEO
Client relationship management
Organization and Research skills

In addition to possessing these traits above, you may be asked to display other tendencies and proficiencies to further qualify as a candidate in our search for a new team member of the Myrtle Beach office.

What It’s Like to Work in Myrtle Beach, SC

You may think of Myrtle Beach as a vacation spot, but at Colink Marketing we get tons of work done. It’s the perfect area for young professionals and families looking to get ahead in life. The area offers a high number of job opportunities and that number rises year after year. As you can see, with the growth of new business, we need your help to expand our company. We also benefit from a pro-business atmosphere here in South Carolina with low-income taxes and numerous incentives for growing businesses like ours.

Our SC Office

Our office in Myrtle Beach is like no other. We enjoy the mild weather year-round and often take our business outdoors. You can enjoy the daylight and fresh air while also getting your work done and remaining productive. We like to offer company-wide day trips during lunch where we go downtown and dine at some the most trendy and delicious restaurants in town. What more could you ask for, the weather is great and the team here is like no other. With the appeal of this locations, applicants are piling on this opportunity. As of now, we have not implemented any deadlines to submit your application by we recommend doing so as soon as possible.

Contacting Our Company

Are you ready to join our team? If so, you can use our contact form to submit your application. I estimate that our current team will be able to complete this process within the next month. So make sure that you completely fill out our form to your best ability for the highest chance of being awarded an interview. We hope to find the very best in South Carolina as our expectations are high. Please give us all of the necessary information to make the best possible hiring decision. Thank you for your interest.

Why You Should Choose Colink Marketing

Countless Rankings

We have ranked countless client websites on page 1 of Google nationally and locally.

No Outsourcing

To ensure quality and performance we refuse to outsource.

Worry Free

We provide a worry-free experience. No contracts.

Multiple Rankings

This means keyword domination, more exposure, more leads and ultimately more sells. Own the first page of Google!


We check for Google SEO penalties, spam, and over optimization. This ensures that your SEO campaign will be as effective as possible by identifying and eliminating any potential problems your website may have.


Search engine marketing is an investment and our SEO is long lasting. At our price point, your results will pay for themselves with a couple of sales each month.


Making your web pages as relevant as possible will prove to be a deciding factor in your rankings. We find the best possible keywords for your businesses to drive your website very targeted traffic and unique visitors.

We are Partners

We get personal. We are here to help. Whether you have a question, problem, or concern we would be happy to hear from you. You’re not just another client. Let’s get to know each other.


Building links come down to a few key metrics. Relevancy, authority, and trust. We build the most powerful backlinks to your web pages that yield the utmost quality and will get you those first-page long-term rankings.


Not only are we SEO pros but we also contribute to social groups that include some of the best SEO’s in the business. Discussing new strategies, techniques, and methods we stay in the know of the latest and best practices of SEO. You benefit from our interaction and knowledge.


Monthly ranking reports and website analytics will be provided to you. We keep you updated and make needed changes accordingly. What is a marketing campaign if you’re not tracking your progress? See our point.


We provide a premium service. No shortcuts, no outsourcing, no rush jobs. We pay special attention to each of our client’s search engine marketing campaigns.

CoLink Marketing VS. The Other Guys

We provide premium SEO services that produce valuable results.

Not all SEO companies are equal.


Cheap SEO Companies

These companies point spammy links to your website. These low-quality links “work” for the moment but not the long-term and they will always get your website penalized by Google.

Decent SEO Companies

These companies point higher quality links to your website. They rank your site in a decent amount of time but these links do not help to build your website a strong backlink profile.  Your site will be put in huge danger of being penalized by Google.

CoLink Marketing

We build the most powerful links to your website. Our links have all the key metrics to ensure that you see results. We build quality, trustful, authoritative, and relevant links to your website. We weren’t always able to build these high-quality links though, our friends over at Utopian Marketing helped us out a lot a few years after we first started and deserve some credit! You will never be penalized. But Google also looks at other factors when ranking websites. We take all aspects into consideration and build your website a diverse and safe backlink profile that includes social signals. These signals are what Google loves and will get you ongoing results.

Here Is The Simple Truth

Advertising used to be simple. Put an ad in the paper – the phone rings and people walk through your door. But put yourself in today’s consumer shoes for a second – when was the last time you picked up a phone book or flipped through a newspaper to find a local business? Do you think that’s where potential customers are finding you?

Fact – 97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses (Google)

local seo

So if your business doesn’t show up on the front page of local search engine rankings, then you’re losing hundreds of sales opportunities – daily. With 1.8 billion searches made by consumers looking for local businesses every month, someone is always looking for your products or services. Having a website is a good start, but if it doesn’t show up on the first page of natural search engine rankings, then you’re losing potential sales to local companies listed above you.

As a business owner, can you really afford to sit back and let “the other guy” take money out of your pocket?

Local SEO Works

CoLink Marketing will help your business thrive in the digital age, and local search engine optimization (SEO) is a great place to start. We develop proven online strategies that drive local traffic to your website – utilizing the best in proven local SEO practices to ensure you don’t miss out on sales opportunities.

Did You Know?

Local SEO is a cost-effective, high results return on investment when compared to other advertising methods. Using specific keywords and phrases to attract qualified visitors to your website, a local search engine optimization program puts your business in front of customers who are ready to buy today! CoLink Marketing will help you climb the competitive search engine ladder in your city for a fraction of the cost of larger firms. We develop custom solutions to meet every client’s unique set of needs.

What Is SEO?

what is seo

By definition Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. With SEO, your website can gain more exposure and that exposure results in more potential customers or leads to your website every month. This ultimately will generate more sales from your website for your business. SEO is a very effective and efficient internet marketing strategy that yields a huge ROI. It’s an investment. Google is your ad space! Being listed on page 1 of Google has tremendous benefits. Thousands of people are searching for keywords related to your business every hour of every day! Now if your competition’s website is placed on page 1 of Google and your website is not, YOU ARE LOSING LOADS OF CUSTOMERS AND SALES.

seo infographic

As time progresses, more and more people seek information about products and services through the internet. How do they search for these products and services on the internet? With Google, the most popular search engine on the planet. Old and obsolete marketing techniques like newspaper ads just don’t do the trick anymore. Now, most people wise up, launch a website for their business, and advertise with online ads. This sounds like a good an effective plan. After all, they are paying for online ads that will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people right? Wrong. Although these ads will be displayed on popular websites and most commonly Google, they are costing thousands of dollars a month and are not as effective as SEO. They yield a very low ROI. How often do you find yourself clicking on online ads? Never or rarely. When your website ranks on the first page of Google, you are ranking in the unpaid organic search results. This builds a trust to your website from potential customers because you are not paying for ads, you earned your spot. SEO is long-term, paid ads are gone as soon as you stop paying for them. CoLink Marketing can help your business achieve a strong and profitable online presence. We specialize in SEO and if you choose to take advantage of paid ads, we can take care of your campaigns. The internet is always evolving and you have to take the initiative to make sure your website and business is not left behind. Don’t let your competition dominate your local market. Trust our expertise and experience to help you dominate the searches.

Ways To Take One Little Action Onto A New Transformation And Turn Your Website Into A Money Maker!

monetize your website

Ever wonder how you can actually monetize your website and start making money today?

You hear stories about routine people stumbling upon some idea, installing a website, and making a mint. Or possibly you presently have a fantastic website, nevertheless, it does not have an angle into making genuine cash.


3 men assembled a little web website in early 2005 to submit, share, and stream all kinds of video. Less than 2 years later, it had actually ended up being one of the Web’s # 1 websites. In late 2006, Google purchased it for $1.65 billion!

We’re not stating your website will the be next YouTube, nevertheless, we are saying that planet Earth stays in the middle of a digital change, a change that will modify the course of human history as totally as the Industrial Age, Gutenberg’s printing press, and the Renaissance, all rolled into one.


Exactly what would you use to be a leader in a brand new particular niche? Exactly what if you could be among the first to introduce a brand-new pattern in Online marketing? Exactly what if your website could be a part of this change, and make real cash?

MP3 players, Blackberry, Bluetooth, cellular phones, iPods, iTunes, digital music, digital everything, digital all over. Whatever is ending up being downloadable. Media companies throughout the globe are struggling to keep rate with lightning-fast modifications taking area in all of our media. Those who discover their specific niche, take that opportunity– and take it at first– they make the cash since they’re the leaders. Everybody after them is doomed to being an ‘also-ran,’ struggling to capture up and never ever rather making it. Which would you rather be?

Exactly what would you state if we informed you that you could do this at NO EXPENSE TO YOU?


A little nevertheless considerable percentage of those billions of web consumers, with a ‘b,’ browse your site, enjoy your material, then observe that you have AUDIO BOOKS for sale in EASILY DOWNLOADABLE kind. They might, “Wow, I’ve been desiring to check out that a person, however, I just haven’t had time.” They click, they download, and YOU get a commission!

And DIGITAL AUDIO BOOKS stand prepared to transform the audiobook market too.

Waiting for the train, waiting in traffic, waiting in line. Individuals don’t want to think about how, when they reach retirement age, they may have invested 20-25 years of their lives simply … waiting.

All the hottest titles, fiction, and non-fiction, all the classics, all the finest authors– can be within your reaches, with one simple download that you can bring anywhere!

Exactly what if you could download any book you desired, at any time, load it into your iPod or another MP3 gamer, or simply play it on your computer system in your home? Be all ears the vehicle, on the bus, in the coffee bar. Digital music is reinventing the music industry.

We think so. And, with the web finding its approach into the most remote corners of the world, so do billions of possible listeners, throughout the globe.

Here’s a future scenario.

The variety of books could you have checked out in 25 years? Classics of literature that you continuously wished to check out however never ever found the time, the present in present affairs or service approaches, or popular books to enjoy in your leisure time.



You can be a part of the DIGITAL AUDIO BOOK transformation, and it will not cost you a cent. All you need to do is join our Affiliate Marketing Program!

How does this help you?

– It’s a guaranteed method to make your site make you money!

– Products that are 100% relevant to your consumers.

– Simon & Shuster, BBC, Time-Warner, Harper-Collins. Top-notch names, premium brands that will offer their status to YOUR website!

– A 10% commission on each sale!

Sound outstanding up previously? Our company believes so. We can provide an even sweeter offer!

– Greater volumes of proper, quality traffic going to and from your site. Online search engine enjoy this!

– Problem-free setup and maintenance. You don’t require to be a web programmer or HTML expert to set this up. We do that for you!

Here’s how:

– Groundbreaking, leading-edge service easily available to quality site owners like you.

– All payment processing is handled at download time. You do not have to set anything up; just take house the money!

– Truly hands-free operation. You don’t have to stress about handling any Technical Support for your audiobook purchasers. We take of that for you!

– A Self-Service Affiliate Administration Page, where you can access links and sales reports, at any time you want!


For every single audiobook that is used through your website, you will earn a 10% commission! How many audio books do you need to sell to obtain a remarkable return on your financial investment? Just ONE!

There you have it. The days of your web website making money for you, without any extra cost or effort from you, are simply a mouse-click away.

You hear stories about regular individuals stumbling upon some concept, setting up a website, and making a mint. Or potentially you already have a fantastic site, however, it doesn’t have an angle into making the authentic loan.

All you have to do to register is click the link and follow the standards. Precisely exactly what do you have to lose? Aside from the best opportunity.

Exactly what if your website could be a part of this change, and materialize cash?

A little however substantial portion of those billions of internet customers, with a ‘b,’ browse your site, enjoy your content, then see that you have AUDIO BOOKS for sale in EASILY DOWNLOADABLE form. For each audiobook that is used through your website, you will make a 10% commission!

3 men put together a little web website in early 2005 to upload, share, and stream all kinds of video. Less than 2 years later, it had, in fact, ended up being one of the Web’s # 1 websites. Exactly what if your site could be a part of this transformation, and make authentic money?

A little nevertheless significant percentage of those billions of web customers, with a ‘b,’ search your site, enjoy your material, then observe that you have AUDIO BOOKS for sale in EASILY DOWNLOADABLE kind. For every single audiobook that is offered through your site, you will make a 10% commission!